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How Insurance Helps You Preplan for When Stuff Happens

You’ve heard it countless times by now.

Hundreds of times.

Thousands of times.

“In these unprecedented times”…

Well, in these unprecedented times it makes a whole lot of sense to think about life, home and auto insurance for you, your spouse and your entire family.

And Brian Schulze Insurance & Associates is offering a helping hand to anyone in the Wabash Valley who wants to learn how much they can save bundling their home, auto and life insurance with an independent provider.

When it comes to the worst things you can imagine happening in life, it’s human nature to look at them and say “not me” or “that will never happen to me”. When a house catches fire in your hometown, a big multi-car pileup occurs on the expressway on your way to work or you hear of a former friend or co-worker who lost everything due to a debilitating long term hospital stay, many people suffer from the disease of “not me”.

In a situation unlike any other over recent months, everyone has now seen just how quickly the world can change. Overnight, it can change. But one thing that doesn’t change at Brian Schulze Insurance & Associates is the level of care and overall experience they can leverage so you get the exact level of coverage you need so you’re prepared when stuff happens.

You have to be aware of the fact that yes, any of those situations could be you. As licensed insurance providers, we can help you prepare for the worst regarding your potential insurance options so that you never become the person caught off guard by a situation you could have pre-planned to overcome.

Insurance coverage might seem like a luxury to some, but it’s about more than knowing what you’ve got in the bank. Many folks aren’t aware just how much they can save by bundling their life, home and auto insurance with an independent provider. It’s about preparing you and your family for the bumps in the road you might be faced with a year, two years or ten years down the road. Contact us for a consultation and let’s get your insurance needs squared away so you aren’t afflicted with the disease of ”Not Me” anymore!


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