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Boat Insurance

Find out today how we can cover your investment and save you money.

Whether you're dry docked or enjoying life on the high seas make sure you're covered by one of our comprehensive Boat Insurance Plans.  Accidents do happen and if your boat sinks, capsizes, is damaged by a storm or if you are personally injured, your policy will protect you.

Types of watercraft

  • Boats – Vessels between 16 and 26ft long

  • Yachts – Vessels over 26ft

  • Personal Watercraft – under 16ft (Ski-doos, wave runners, etc.)

Coverages available

  • Boat Liability

  • Medical Payments

  • On-water Towing

  • Property Damage

  • Uninsured/Underinsured Watercraft

  • Consequential Damage Coverage

  • Salvage Coverage

  • Trailer

Ready to make it happen?

Take the next step in getting your boat insurance by requesting a quote and we will contact you shortly to get started.

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