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Bundling Insurance & The Value of Multiple Carrier Options

Brian Schulze Insurance & Associates pride ourselves on always doing the best we can for you. As an independent insurance agent, Brian and his skilled team offer extensive peace of mind, accurate explanations and an overall family feel that sets them apart from other providers.

Among the many benefits of being an independent insurance agent is that it allows you to customize your policy beyond what a larger insurance agency can offer. This extended customization arises due to our ability to provide you, the policyholder, with multiple carrier options.

Say you walk into Insurance Agency A. Insurance Agency A is a large carrier that basically only offers their options. The ability to bundle is still there, but now you won’t quite enjoy the same flexibility to build a package that Brian Schulze Insurance & Associates can offer you. Those larger carriers are handcuffed in a sense and unable to shop around for the best rate for each type of insurance you’re in need of.

At Brian Schulze Insurance & Associates, you come in wanting to bundle your home, auto and life insurance. What Brian and his experienced team are able to provide is a fully tailor-made bundle utilizing the best coverage at exactly the price point you need because of their ability to provide multiple carrier options to you, the consumer.

These are often known as Multi-Line Discounts and allow independent insurance agents to offer another perk if a policyholder wants to use one carrier with multiple options rather than a carrier with only their own internal options.

What you’ll enjoy on top of the best rates and strongest coverage we’re able to deliver is the ability to smoothly handle all your insurance transactions with one company. Just in terms of communication, it also removes the games of phone tag you can play with the larger carriers who like to make you push a series of numbers to progress through their phone system to, maybe, eventually, talk to a person who can help.

With Brian Schulze Insurance & Associates we’re able to get you the answers you need right when you need them. No more frustrating calls! Let the pro’s do your shopping for you! Let us get to work for you finding the best coverage at the absolute best rate available. Contact Brian Schulze Insurance & Associates today and we’ll get a quote prepared for you!


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